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Protect your RileyLink with this wireless-charging upgrade kit

The smallest wireless charging case made, in all three dimensions – length, width, and height. Product includes waterproof enclosure with triple o-rings (two will work, but one for redundancy in case one breaks in the field – and will be coated with o-ring grease for enhanced water-resistance), wireless charging coil, magnetic shield, and charging circuit board. This is for use with your existing Loop electronics.

This differs from the normal Hard-Shell in that with this one, you remove the existing enclosure before installing your Looping guts into this. Note that this is fully sealed with no charger port. Charging is wireless by laying it on your existing wireless-charging pad.

Yes, you can see the charging indicator LED through the black enclosure in a darkened room, but it won’t light up the entire room or can’t be seen in bright light like the white case can.

Dimensions: 38.5×24.5×72.75mm
(For reference, the other brand wireless case is 41.5×25.5x74mm)

Installation Instructions:

Time: Between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on experience.

First, take the wireless charging coil, and fold it over 90 degrees so that the charging circuit board is aligned vertically with the charging coil. You will have to peel a small amount of the charge-coil wire away from the coil to allow for this. Be careful to not break the connection between the wires and the circuit board.

Now, place the magnetic shield on the back side.

Solder the red wire from the charge coil to the top alternate-power connector on the RileyLink printed circuit board. Solder the black wire to the other terminal. If you don’t want to solder, a cell-phone repair place can easily do it in a few minutes.

It should now look like this.

Optionally tape it all together with either Kapton or electrical tape. Note that the battery cell should be between the charge-coil assembly and the Loop electronics.

Now slide everything into the enclosure, facing the charge coil to the side of the enclosure with the wireless-charging logo. You should not need to open this enclosure again.

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