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Complete enclosure. Electronics and Insulin Pump are not included.

This is for the latest AdaFruit 2500 battery, Intel Edison, and the Explorer board.

Note that this case has a storage location for a spare AAA pump battery. It is recommended to keep a battery in it, as it also acts as a pin to help secure the case together.

This enclosure is available with or without the belt clip. Be careful flexing the clip as, while as strong as possible, it is possible to break it with repeated flexing if you try.

Colors are approximate due to variations in monitors and lighting. Sometimes the translucent greenish-blue looks more bluish or more greenish. The orangish amber looks a lot like an automobile tail-light color in person.




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Weight 1.2 oz

Black, Translucent Greenish Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orangish Amber, Dark Tint Clear

Belt Clip

With, Without

1 review for OpenAPS Edison Enclosure

  1. Katja (verified owner)

    I like the case! I got the translucent green case, and it looks great. Also, it is much better quality coming from you, than an earlier case I bought and that was printed by another outfit.

    Because some of my Edison chips don’t have an Antenna-on-Board, and the case fits snugly, I had to grind a small grove to accommodate the external WIFI antenna. This is easy to do with a Dremel tool, or even a file and some patience. Not an issue unless you have the chips that require an external battery.

    Thank you for the case, Robert! I have enjoyed having spare battery a few times, and I have not broken off a cable from my LiPo batteries using your case :).

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